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Instruments to love.


Perform your best.

You should enjoy your instruments and perform your best with them. We proudly offer our bespoke range of instruments for the savvy implant practitioner. Curated and designed by Dr Misagh Habibi, these instrument kits are designed for ergonomics, ease of handling for precision surgery, fool-proof organisation and correct packing for the steri and operatory. We marry cost-effectiveness with aesthetics and quality to reflect an aspirational standard of work. These colour coded kits feature our TII icon, a matte finish, ergonomic thick handles with suitably long working tips and smart modifications designed by Dr Habibi, crafted from German surgical stainless steel and featuring matte titanium microsurgical Castroviejo needle holders. These kits are born from many years of experience, surgical preference and requests for instrument recommendations at our courses. For implant dentists looking for convenience, quality, value and a point of difference. Our instruments are registered with the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). 


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White Kit = Comprehensive Foundation/Intermediate Implantology Kit for a thorough setup. 

Black Kit = Advanced Procedure Add-on Implantology Kit for soft tissue, microsurgery, sinus, immediate.

Blue Kit = Basic Foundation Implantology Kit to cover most bases.

"The White Kit" Collection

"The Black Kit" Collection

"The Blue Kit" Collection