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Quality, Value, Ergonomic & Aesthetic: The BLACK KIT is our advanced implantology/grafting kit which can go solo or supplement the White Kit. Advanced soft or hard tissue grafting, including tunnel procedures and sinus procedures. With a plethora of grafting instruments on the market, dentists can find it confusing to choose suitable instruments without over-investing or purchasing instruments they may never use. Dr Misagh has selected and personally designed instruments in this set, to sizing specifications that he finds very useful and widely applicable in dealing with challenging cases - including GBR, immediate sockets, soft tissue tunnelling and grafting, and sinus elevation.


All instruments in our black kit cassette are a uniquely matte finish coded with a black handle or stripe - not to just brighten your procedural day, but also to prevent mispackaging or mixing of instruments in the steri. Instruments feature ergonomic lengths for access and 9mm thick handling areas with indents for ease of grip and dexterity. All instruments are in German surgical stainless steel and we include a bonus high-end TII Castroviego needle holder in titanium with teal hue. 



  1. Scalpel Handle 16.5 cm
  2. Straight probe 3mm marks 17cm
  3. Buser periosteal elevator 18cm
  4. Molt periosteal elevator 17cm
  5. Pritchard periosteal elevator 18cm
  6. Papilla hourigan chiselled 1x10mm 18cm
  7. Papilla elevator 1.6mm 18cm
  8. Orban knife 17cm
  9. Tunneling elevator 2mm straight 18cm
  10. Tunneling elevator contra-angle 2mm anterior 17cm
  11. Tunneling elevator contra-angle 2mm posterior 18cm
  12. Micro bone scooper 4mm/micro condenser 1.5mm 18cm
  13. Sinus curette 1 3.5mm contra-angle 18cm
  14. Sinus curette 2 5.5/6.5mm straight 18cm
  15. Sinus curette 3 45/90 deg 18cm
  16. Castro needle holder 1.2mm 18cm standard TC
  17. Castro micro-needle holder 1.0mm 18cm TC (Teal-hue Titanium)
  18. Castro micro scissors curved 18cm TC
  19. Corn tissue tweezer curved 1.8mm eye 18cm
  20. Tissue forceps anatomic 1.0mm 18cm TC
  21. Tissue forceps 1:2 teeth 1.3mm 18cm
  22. Tissue forceps micro plain diamond dusted 1.5mm 18cm
  23. Tissue tray 11.5x7.6x0.5cm
  24. Bone bowl 3.1x1.9cm
  25. Black instrument cassette teflon coated (L)



At most times instruments will be in stock and shipped within 2 weeks. Please allow up to 12 weeks for shipping of instruments in the event of instruments being on back-order. Instrument purchases are final and non-refundable. Instruments are individually quality checked but in the event of a faulty instrument within 30 days of delivery, instrument replacement will be arranged by The Implant Institute.

BLACK KIT (with cassette) - Advanced Implantology Add-On Kit by Dr Misagh Habibi

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