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Accessibility & Excellence in Implantology Education

The Implant Institute is a continuing professional development organisation focused on dental implantology for Australian and New Zealand dentists. It provides multiple education, training and mentorship opportunities for dentists from all around Australia. We offer programs suitable for practitioners of all levels of experience - from beginners, to intermediate, to advanced implant practitioners. From our Intro Implant Immersion Intensive to our Advanced Aesthetic Zone & Grafting courses, to Full Arch Implant residencies, to our flagship  PGCert, PGDip and MSc (Dent Imp) degree opportunities. We are pleased to partner with Cambridge Academy of Dental Implantology to deliver the officially accredited Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma in Dental Implantology programs, with option for research extension modules to earn a Master of Science in Advanced Dental Implantology with Aston University.  We are privileged to provide such a unique opportunity for Australian & NZ dentists to study and train for a postgrad qualification in implants whilst continuing practice at their own clinic, without committing to overseas travel or full-time study. Finally, we are all about our people. Our Academy is a team of accessible and engaging colleagues that you can enjoy learning with.


The Implant Institute (TII) is an evolution of the Dental Implant Education & Training Institute, which has educated and mentored dentists in implantology since 2012.

Our Mission

The mission of TII is to fill that much needed gap in the dental implantology education and training market: At one end of this gap are industry inspired weekend workshops and overseas live treatments that are often prematurely intensive and lack follow-up, skills assessment or patient management. These are often run by dental implant companies. AT the other end of this gap are full time university speciality programs that only suit some dentists' career objectives.

Our objective is to facilitate the "big picture" knowledge, skills and mentorship that practicing dentists require to incorporate aspects of dental implantology successfully into their practice.

Our teaching is independent and not based on promoting any given dental implant system or industry body. Whilst we receive generous support of industry partners in our programs, we maintain our independence and our content is not influenced by industry. As such, in our content dentists often learn multiple approaches, and learn about decision making based on science and application of knowledge and experience, not limited to brands or products.

Our Programs

In 2020 TII is collaborating with CAofDI to provide a unique opportunity for busy dentists from Australia and surrounds seeking a comprehensive part-time didactic program of study resulting in an accredited postgraduate qualification (PGCert, option for progress to PGDip) awarded by CAofDI. Graduates will have a solid capacity to confidently and safely undertake implant treatments in their own clinics.

TII also provides training workshop programs in advanced topics outside of the PGCert/PGDip program - such as courses in immediate implants, PRF and phlebotomy training, advanced digital planning and full arch.

Another unique offering of TII is its full week (5 day) Implant Immersion Intensive workshop in Perth, Western Australia. This program covers many of same topics and skills we teach in the PGCert (Dent Imp) Clinical Skills Week program, allowing busy dentists to begin their implant practice on a solid groundwork of treatment planning and skills repetition in surgery and restoration.

This can complement TII's Mentorship Program option, which allows dentists to receive crucial and helpful case discussion and guidance (and clinical support) through their cases.

Our Team

TII is under the directorship of Dr Misagh Habibi and is supported by a team of highly qualified Clinical Tutors based around Australia.


Do you have questions about our programs, or wish to express your interest? Submit your enquiry here, indicate which program you are interested in, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

116 Churchill Ave Subiaco WA 6008 Australia

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