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From Dr Misagh Habibi

BDSc(WA), GradDipClinDent (Sedation) (Syd), MSc (Oral Implantology) (Goethe), FICOI, DICOI

Dear colleague,

Welcome to The Implant Institute. So, who am I and what's this all about?

I am passionate about dental implantology. Like so many in our great profession, I am also passionate about always learning and sharing knowledge and skills with my colleagues. 

I set up The Implant Institute to give "real life" dentists the opportunity to learn in an open and down-to-earth environment, at programs that are interactive and approachable and respect their intelligence, whilst also appreciating that learning comes from an applied synergy of theory, skill and application that is built step by step over time. 

I believe that understanding "The Big Picture" is the best way to learn. Not jumping in too deep before understanding and building skills, but also not being overwhelmed by details into a sense of inertia. And learning from our mistakes. This is where the right mentors and programs are crucial and formative to any successful career.

In forming The Implant Institute, I have sought the collaboration of colleagues who I feel are "real life dentists" like many of you, that are exceptional in their knowledge and drive for clinical excellence and in teaching, and most importantly, humble enough to enjoy working with. I believe who we learn with plays just as formative a role as what we learn.

I encourage you to view the unique, independent offerings of T.I.I., read through the site and our FAQ, and reach out to us with your questions or interest. I hope we can help launch your interest or career in implant dentistry!

You are also able to register for all our programs on the site. This includes our Intro Workshop Weeks, Advanced Workshop Weeks and last but not least, our exciting collaboration with the Cambridge Academy of Dental Implantology to deliver the officially recognised Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma in Dental Implantology in Australia - filling what I see to be a real void in the Australian dental implantology learning environment.

To you and your patients' continued success,




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