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- ALL ON X Residency Week

November ​8-12 2021, Perth.

- Hard & Soft Tissue Course

July 26-30 2021, Perth.

- 5 Day Implant Immersion Intensive


Enquire now: Registrations for January 2021 stream close Dec 19th 2020. Registrations for September 2021 stream close Aug 13th 2021 (or earlier when filled).

Supervised, comprehensive, consolidated blended learning in dental implants. Learn alongside your FT practice, Aus & NZ.



Watch their video comments above and read more testimonials below.



What dentists are saying.


"A talented implantologist and passionate teacher, Misagh has developed a unique platform for learning dental implants at all levels.

It is exciting to have a forum for dentists to get foundation implantology education & training as a PGCert/Dip and to bring together talent from around Australia for useful CPD opportunities.

Anyone who doesn’t quite know where to start in pursuing further education in this area I would say without any reservation, start here."

Dr Alex Fibishenko

PG Cert (Dent Imp) program

"...Extremely comprehensive. The webinars, readings and discussion posts have allowed me to achieve a deeper understanding and appreciation of dental implants that I have never experienced in other implant courses. I would strongly recommend the course to clinicians wanting to challenge themselves and attain a whole new depth of understanding."

Dr Christina DePiazzi

PG Cert (Dent Imp) program

"By far the most didactic and well presented course I have attended... Misagh/Stuart are always easy to reach and very friendly, which makes the experience near seamless. I have found with many other implant lectures, sometimes it's difficult to piece the fragmented information together... For me this course gives exactly what I was hoping it would... Just do it! I spent a year considering different options, I'm glad I made the choice I did..." 

Implant Training Workshop Programs

“A very complete and comprehensive course that suits practitioners of all levels. Very complete and unbiased to any dental company. A balanced coverage of both the prosthodontics and surgical aspects of implant dentistry… A very enjoyable and wonderful experience... The ultimate learning experience… Very comprehensive and complete. Definitely the best implant course I have attended.”

Dr Araventh Thavavaran

Dr Vincent Lok

PG Cert (Dent Imp) program

"Drs Stuart Ellis and Misagh Habibi (and the supporting team) have really done a great job organising this course. It is evident that a lot of time and effort has gone into preparing the course content and organising the practical modules. There is no denying that research and evidence-based practice is a prominent aspect of this course as it is at a post-graduate level. This has changed my approach to the literature, especially in the realm of implant dentistry, where there will always be more questions than answers."

Dr Ashley Foo

PG Cert (Dent Imp) program

"The course has been fantastic."

Dr Hiba Aalyaseen


"Misagh was there every step of the way giving me guidance and many little gems of advice on easily the most complex surgical case of my career to date. He did it in a manner that put myself and the patient at ease and gave me the confidence that we were in good hands. From managing the soft tissue, releasing the flap, to contouring and securing the bone block and achieving lovely tension free primary closure I learnt more in 3 hours with Misagh than I could have possibly imagined ! As I progress through various stages of my implant journey I feel extremely lucky and thankful to have Misagh as my tutor and mentor along the way. Misagh has been extremely helpful in assisting me with my treatment planning my cases and mentoring me through my master of science degree in Implantology."

Dr Sven Nalder

Implant Training Workshop Programs

"The program delivered above and beyond my expectations and has set me up to start using dental implants as a real option with confidence in my own treatment planning.  In most weekend or day courses where they teach you an implant system, I feel it is more about finding a referral base or a market base, which is not very useful and extremely biased. But Dr Habibi’s program is the ideal launching platform whether you are looking to begin or further develop your interest in dental implants."

Dr Devindha de Mel

Implant Training Workshop Programs

"The lecturer is very knowledgeable and thorough. The lectures were enjoyable, filled with great content and very, very well presented with clinical focus and orientation. 

The lecturer is very down to earth and approachable, the pace of the lectures was good, great presentations. It was an amazing experience… one of the best, if not the best CPD program I have ever attended."

Dr Karthik Dorairaj

PG Cert (Dent Imp) program

"The course content and modules have been well-spaced, providing ample time to fit course assessments in with full-time working hours. It covers a broad spectrum of topics from the basic fundamentals, to treatment planning and practical skills. This PGCert course has provided me with the basic knowledge and skill set to provide implant treatment with confidence. It is my belief that any clinician with any level of experience can learn a lot from this comprehensive course and come out with the same confidence to place a successful implant."

Dr Ashley Foo

Implant Training Workshop Programs

"The presenter (Dr Misagh Habibi) is very approachable, clear and knowledgeable… I learned a lot and it was worth travelling to Perth and sacrificing my weekend. Very happy with the course."


"I am very appreciative of your valuable teaching and you are definitely an inspiration for all members of the Dental Profession."

Dr Anon

Dr Vincent Lok

Implant Training Workshop Programs

"One of the best. The operator is approachable, honest and practical. The course is very useful… I would recommend this course highly. Misagh lets you experience his expertise and thoughts during simple and complicated implantology. He is generous with his written literature that he provides as a basis to comprehensive implantology education. The venue and staff are superb."

Dr Michael Moussa


"Dr Misagh Habibi is an excellent mentor with lots for experience and wealth of knowledge. He is easy to approach and always ready to help. His ability to explain complex treatment planning and procedures in a very simple manner is worth appreciating. His willingness to be available for support and help anytime of the day shows his passion for the field. One of the best implant surgeon to have as a mentor."

Dr Akki Pavin

Implant Training Workshop Programs

"Misagh was very interactive and engaging. Great presenter, very knowledgable and helpful..."

Dr Anon

Implant Training Workshop Programs

"A really enjoyable course, with the teaching and hands-on workshops being conducted in a relaxed and informative manner... A great learning experience… Highly recommended.”

Excellent teaching, very knowledgeable in a field that is clearly his expertise and passion."

Dr Chin Keat Ting



Do you have questions about our programs, or wish to express your interest? Submit your enquiry here, indicate which program you are interested in, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

116 Churchill Ave Subiaco WA 6008 Australia



Our Mission

The Implant Institute (TII) is an evolution of the Dental Implant Education & Training Institute, which has educated and mentored dentists in implantology since 2012.

The mission of TII is to fill that much needed gap in the education and training market: At one end of this gap are industry inspired "weekend workshops" and "overseas live treatments" that are often prematurely intensive and lack follow-up skills assessment or patient management. These are often run by dental implant companies. At the other end of this gap are full time university speciality programs that only suit some dentists' career objectives.

Our objective is to facilitate the "big picture" comprehensive foundation knowledge, skills and mentorship that practicing dentists require to incorporate aspects of dental implantology successfully into their practice.

Our teaching is independent and not based on promoting any given dental implant system or industry body. Whilst we receive generous support of industry partners in our programs, we maintain our independence and our content is not influenced by industry. As such, in our content dentists often learn multiple approaches, and learn about decision making based on science and application of knowledge and experience, not limited to brands or products.

Our Programs

  1. We collaborate with the Cambridge Academy of Dental Implantology (CADI) (UK) to provide a unique opportunity for busy dentists from Australia and surrounds seeking a comprehensive part-time didactic program of study resulting in an accredited postgraduate qualification (PGCert, option for progress to PGDip) awarded by CAofDI. Graduates will have a solid capacity to confidently and safely undertake implant treatments in their own clinics.

  2. TII also provides training workshop programs in advanced topics outside of the PGCert/PGDip program - such as courses in immediate implants, PRF and phlebotomy training, advanced digital planning and full arch.

  3. Another unique offering of TII is its full week (5 day) Implant Immersion Intensive workshop. This program covers many of same topics and skills we teach in the PGCert (Dent Imp) Clinical Skills Week program, allowing busy dentists to begin their implant practice on a solid groundwork of treatment planning and skills repetition in surgery and restoration.

  4. This can complement TII's Mentorship Program option, which allows dentists to receive crucial and helpful case discussion and guidance (and clinical support) through their cases.

Our Team

TII is under the directorship of Dr Misagh Habibi, in collaboration with CADI's Dr Stuart Ellis and is supported by a team of highly qualified Clinical Tutors based around Australia.


Dr Misagh Habibi with a call-out for our
Sept 2020 PGCert Intake

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