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Course fee payment: After you have enrolled via a $1,000 registration securing fee payment online, this payment for 50% of remaining PGDip (Dent Imp) course fees (totalling $25,950 total excl. GST as of June 2021) for the Postgraduate Diploma in Dental Implantology Program from the Cambridge Academy of Dental Implantology in delivery partnership with The Implant Institute. Payment 1 of 3 is to be made at least 28 days before commencement of Term 1.  To remain enrolled, Payment 2 of 3 is to be made at the latest, 8 weeks after course commencement, and Payment 3 of 3 at the latest, 16 weeks after course commencement. 

Terms and conditions of withdrawal/cancellation: Course can be cancelled due to withdrawal before 21 days prior to course commencement, and any paid fees would be refunded minus any transaction fees incurred. If cancelled due to course withdrawal within 21 days prior to course commencement, a $1000 (registration securing) fee is charged and the remainder fees paid are refunded. Withdrawal in first 10 weeks of the course commencement may allow up to 50% of course fees refunded or cancelled at the discretion of The Implant Institute. Withdrawal after 10 weeks of the course commencement still incurs full course fees and no fees can be refunded or cancelled. See website for other terms and conditions.


Requirements for Enrolment: You must be a licensed dentist in Australia or New Zealand with at least 12 months experience in dental practice or dental hospital. You must have proof of your Hepatitis B status. Dentists from other countries contact us first to discuss potential program enrolments before making a deposit.

PGDip (Dent Imp) Fee Instalment (payment 1/3, 2/3 or 3/3)

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