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Conversion Fee for January 2022 and onwards cohort PGCert learners wishing to convert to PGDip


This conversion fee includes:

  • MODULE 4: ONLINE, Basic Sciences Related to Implant Dentistry,

8/1/24 - 11/2/24 OR 8/4/24 - 12/5/24.

  • MODULE 5: ONLINE, Evidence Based Dentistry,

19/2/24 - 24/3/24 OR 20/5/24 - 23/6/24.

  • MODULE 6: STUDENT CASE SUBMISSIONS (Grading of new clinical cases or conversion of previous cases from formative to summative), 2 years maximum.


Three options for case submissions:

Option 1 - Your formative PGCert clinical cases (submitted or to be submitted) can be converted to summative cases for grading to fulfill the PGDip summative case requirements.

Option 2 - You can submit 3 new summative cases (supervised by Tutor or ALM) for grading.

Option 3 - APEL Exemption pathway - if eligible for APEL exemption, you can present any 6 cases of your choice for grading.


This conversion fee does not include: The previous curriculum's Year 2 Practical Skills Week (6 Day Advanced Implant/Grafting), as this no longer forms part of the new PGDip curriculum. That practical course can be registered separately via our website, for learners who wish to advance their practical skills further.


Terms and conditions of withdrawal/cancellation: Course can be cancelled due to withdrawal before 21 days prior to course commencement, and any paid fees would be refunded minus any transaction fees incurred. If cancelled due to course withdrawal within 21 days prior to course commencement, a $1000 (deposit equivalence) fee is charged and the remainder fees paid are refunded. Withdrawal in first 10 weeks of the course commencement may allow up to 50% of course fees refunded or cancelled at the discretion of The Implant Institute. Withdrawal after 10 weeks of the course commencement still incurs full course fees and no fees can be refunded or cancelled. See website for other terms and conditions.


PGCert-Dip Conversion

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