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This kit is suitable a beginner surgeon's basic implant procedures, and includes some of the most commonly used minor oral surgery/implantology instruments. It is handy as a basic kit for quick procedures, and is the replica of the basic kit we use in our training workshops.


All instruments and cassette are coded a brilliant and attractive sky blue - not to just brighten your procedural day, but also to prevent mispackaging or mixing of instruments in the steri!



  1. Scalpel Handle 16.5 cm
  2. Straight probe 3mm marked 13cm
  3. Buser periosteal elevator 18cm
  4. Molt periosteal elevator 18cm
  5. Pritchard periosteal elevator 18cm
  6. Cawood Minnesota retractor 15.5cm
  7. Lucas curette 2.5mm/18mm tip 18cm
  8. Scissor Metzenbaum curved 14.5cm TC
  9. Scissor Goldman Fox serrated 13cm TC
  10. Castroviejo needle holder 1.2mm 18cm TC
  11. Mayo Hegar needle holder 14.5cm TC
  12. Macro bone scooper/condenser 18cm
  13. Tissue forceps anatomic 1.2mm 18cm TC
  14. Tissue forceps 1:2 teeth 1.3mm 18cm
  15. Artery forceps Spencer Wells curved 14.5cm
  16. Straight tooth extraction forceps medium anterior
  17. Bone bowl blue 3.1x1.9cm
  18. Blue instrument cassette (L)



At most times instruments will be in stock and shipped within 2 weeks. Please allow up to 12 weeks for shipping of instruments in the event of instruments being on back-order. Instrument purchases are final and non-refundable. Instruments are individually quality checked but in the event of a faulty instrument within 30 days of delivery, instrument replacement will be arranged by The Implant Institute.

BLUE KIT (with cassette) - Basic Workshop Implantology Kit by Dr Misagh Habibi

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