30 April - 4 May 2020, PERTH WA

A maximum immersion into implantology at maximum value BY POPULAR DEMAND!

with Dr Misagh Habibi (The Implant Institute Director) and lecturers from The Implant Institute Academy, including Dr Mehdi Valizadeh (Periodontist), Dr Tom Huang (Maxillofacial Radiologist), Dr Tim Silbert (Endodontist) and Dr Andrei Tutoveanu (Dual Registered Pharmacist and Dentist/Implant Mentor).


  • Enjoy a visit to Perth, learn and practice intensively over 5 days.

  • Lectures on a wide array of topics in implantology

  • Workshops to develop your skills and understanding

  • Planning exercises and training in digital planning and execution

  • Social & networking

  • Nurses/Assistants Training Session

  • And much more...

During the 5 day immersion, beginner or early experience implant general dentists are taught the foundation knowledge and skills required for offering basic implant treatments. Following the program, dentists are provided close guidance/mentorship for their first 2 cases, to commence their treatments with confidence.


Learn intensively over a short period and introduce implants to your clinical practice. Benefit from purchase packages from our sponsors. Follow up with a free mentorship opportunity and then consider mentorship programs to guide you further.


  • Biology of bone healing and repair

  • Basic soft tissue considerations

  • Anatomy for implant dentistry

  • Maxillofacial Radiology in Dental Implantology

  • Implant componentry and comparative design, implant and abutment selection.

  • Patient assessment & treatment planning.

  • Guided and non guided methods including guide fabrication and placement in models

  • Preservation/Replacement and Pre-Implant Endo

  • Single unit implant placement (using bone specimens)

  • Prosthetic techniques, cement and screw retention, materials

  • Digital Technologies & Laboratory Communication

  • Computerised treatment planning (using planning software)

  • Basic flap design, soft tissue manipulation and suturing techniques (using pig heads)

  • Impression methods

  • Emergence profile and abutment selection

  • Peri-Implant Disease 

  • Therapeautics & Pharmaceuticals

  • A foundation understanding of more advanced treatment needs covered in our other intermediate-advanced workshops through the year.

  • Prevention and management of complications

  • Success, Failure and Patient oriented treatment planning

  • Live surgery 


All program rich in case presentations, discussions and interactive Q&A.


Demystifying implants and communicating at your level, extending your knowledge and capacity.


Includes lectures, computer and planning exercises, hands-on implant placement (models and pig jaws) and restorative techniques (models).


Continue your implant journey after the program by taking up one of our mentorship opportunities, or advanced procedure workshops.

This program is ideal for dentists who are new to implants, or have attended lectures and training weekends but rightfully seek better opportunity to learn, ask questions, and approach case management from a big picture perspective. 

5 Day Implant Immersion Intensive - Module 1 (Drs Habibi, Valizadeh, Tutoveanu..

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