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Perth, WA

4-9 November 2023

  • Lectures
  • Hands-on Workshops
  • Live surgery and restoration

Location: Complete Implant & Sedation Dentistry and Omni Dental Ceramics, Subiaco WA.


Put the different methods of full arch immediate reconstruction into perspective. Conventional Implants, All-on-4 and "All on X" tilted and immediately loaded solutions. Modern Innovations. Freehand and digital. Atrophic jaws. What is hype and what is science? See successes and complications, what causes them and how to manage your cases. What can you do to meet patient expectations and also optimise your full arch outcomes in the long term? Lectures, workshops on real-life models, comparative full arch approaches, case presentations and discussions. Highlighted by live surgery and immediate loading during the program. 



Cancellations & Fees Policy

Fees are non-refundable if course withdrawal is within 30 days of course commencement. Prior to this, withdrawal allows refund of course fees minus transaction costs. We reserve the right to cancel prior to 30 days before the course in standard conditions, and within 30 days of course commencement in unforeseen circumstances such as a pandemic or other emergency, and in such a case will refund full course fees. We recommend you make flexible flight and hotel arrangements and do not take responsibility for flight and accommodation costs.

6 Day "All On X" Tilted/Immediate Loading Residency (Dr Misagh Habibi & team)

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