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Personalised applied learning through mentorship is an irreplaceable aspect of your implant learning journey.

In surgery and prosthetics, one mistake takes more time, stress and resources to fix than 10 well executed cases. Early in your implant career, you can minimise mistakes and approach cases comprehensively and with more confidence, with the guidance of the right mentor. 

Our Tutors take you from your current level of skill and knowledge and push you with guidance to higher levels. Implantology is a vast multifaceted discipline and we benefit from the motivation and guidance of mentors to help us achieve the best for our patients and our careers.

We offer Bronze, Silver and Gold Mentorship packages to suit dentists with different objectives. To complement this, we offer 2-Day Residencies so you can observe and learn more about aspects of implantology, or procedures, that you wish to learn more about, one-on-one with your mentor.


Planning, Guidance, Execution, Feedback.


No matter how many seminars or training workshops you attend, personalised mentorship with an experienced tutor is invaluable. There is nothing like one on one mentorship in clinical practice.


Benefit from personal mentorship through your case planning, surgery and restoration phases for up to 12 cases per package over a 12 month period.


Your Tutor is available to mentor you online, via email, Whatsapp, the phone or remote login, or in person at select times in the week depending on your location.


You share and discuss your pre-op workups, case planning and design and patient instructions/follow-up. Get surgical and prosthetic tips and troubleshooting management.


Post images for feedback openly and freely with mentors and like-minded students without the public scrutiny of Facebook forums! We encourage a open and respectful learning environment.


Prefer hand holding during your first surgery or a new procedure? Our Tutors can assist or observe and guide you during surgery (procedural or visiting fees apply).


Misagh was there every step of the way giving me guidance and many little gems of advice on easily the most complex surgical case of my career to date. He did it in a manner that put myself and the patient at ease and gave me the confidence that we were in good hands. From releasing the flap, to contouring and securing the bone block and achieving lovely tension free primary closure I learnt more in 3 hours with Misagh than I could have possibly imagined!

As I progress through various stages of my implant journey I feel extremely lucky and thankful to have Misagh as my tutor and mentor along the way. Misagh has been extremely helpful in assisting me with my treatment planning and mentoring me through my master of science degree in Implantology.

Dr Sven Nalder

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