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Thu 17th (afternoon) and Fri 18th (all day) September 2020

Dr Misagh Habibi & Dr David Attia


Soft tissue management is crucial to successful implantology, in function and aesthetics

Getting the basics right, right through to intermediate and advanced procedures

Rich in hands-on


Suture line opening, poor flap design and poor suture technique are prime reasons for surgical failure and complications, no matter how well implants are placed, or grafts harvested. Think critically about your incision, flap and suture work in implantology and grafting. Learn different techniques of soft tissue manipulation and flap design and apply them to optimise your outcomes. Lectures and hands-on workshops on pig jaws. Live surgery.


Flap design

Suturing techniques

Tension release and flap advancement


Apically repositioned flap 

Roll flap

Modified roll flap

Pedicled flaps

Free gingival graft

Subepithelial connective tissue graft

Alloderm grafting

Biotype optimisation

Correction of gingival recession

Soft Tissue & Flap Surgery Intensive (Drs Misagh Habibi & David Attia)