EARLY BIRD before June 30th 2020: $6950 +GST ($7645)

Benefit from the entire range of Module 2 advanced implant workshops in just one week's stay in Perth, and receive a major discount from the total fees for each of our Advanced Workshops.

See the content of each workshop (below) for more details.

  • Immediate Implants Workshop (16th full day - 17th am Sept 2020)

  • Soft Tissue Workshop (17th pm -18th full day Sept 2020)

  • Bone Augmentation & Sinus Lift Workshop (19th full day-20th am Sept 2020)

  • 1 Session PRF lectures and training (20th pm Sept 2020)

  • Save $2970 from total individual Module 2 (advanced) course fees

  • Or go to our payment plans page for our 6 month payment plan option - $1350/mo for 6 mo. (early bird only)



16-20 September 2020, PERTH


For dentists suitably experienced with implants, or dentists who have done our foundation 5 Day Implant Immersion Intensive.

Enjoy a visit to Perth and gain maximum immersion into advanced dental implant concepts. This Module 2 package combines our courses on immediate implants & aesthetics, soft tissue and flap surgery, bone augmentation/GBR and sinus, and PRF training with maximum value over 5 jam packed days with Drs. Misagh Habibi and David Attia.

Early bird registration before June 30th 2020: $6,950 plus GST

Standard course fees are $9,920 - so enrol early to secure your spot and save $2,970.

Or register by payment plan: $1,350 per month for 6 months

  • Course 1 (Wed 9am-5pm, Thu 9am-12.30pm): AESTHETIC & IMMEDIATE IMPLANT PLACEMENT

    • Single course fee $2990

    • Aesthetic zone considerations

    • Indications & Contra-indications to Immediate Placement

    • Ridge Preservation in Immediate & Delayed Implantology

    • Atraumatic extraction techniques

    • Correct implant positioning

    • Simultaneous hard tissue grafting - when and why

    • Simultaneous subepithelial connective tissue grafting - when and why

    • Biomaterial solutions in immediate implants

    • Immediate provisionalisation or healing abutment design

    • Partial Extraction Therapy

    • Introduction to full arch concepts

    • Complications prevention and management

  • Course 2 (Thu 1pm-5pm, Fri 9am-5pm): SOFT TISSUE AND FLAP SURGERY

    • Single course fee $2990

    • Why soft tissue management is key in implants and bone procedures

    • Keratinised tissue, biotype, function and aesthetics around implants

    • Advanced Flap design Suture techniques

    • Full and split thickness flaps

    • Tension release and coronal flap advancement

    • Apical repositioned flap and vestibuloplasty

    • Roll flaps and modified roll flaps Pedicled flaps

    • Free gingival graft

    • Subepithelial connective tissue graft

    • Alloderm grafting

    • Correction of gingival recession

  • Course 3 (Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 9am-12.30pm): BONE AUGMENTATION & SINUS

    • Single course fee $2990

    • Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR)

    • Autograft, allograft, xenograft and alloplast: What, when and why

    • Bone block solutions

    • Sinus anatomy, pathology, and implant considerations

    • Sinus elevation indications, planning and complications

    • Internal sinus lift and lateral window sinus lift

    • Piezosurgery

    • Bone spreading, splitting and osseodensification

    • Basic Introduction to bone shield

  • Course 4 (Sun 1.30-5.30pm): PRF & VENIPUNCTURE Workshop

    • Single course fee $950

    • Science and benefits of Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)

    • PRF applications in implant dentistry

    • Venipuncture anatomy and technique

    • Making PRF membranes, plugs and sticky bone in implantology (hands-on)

5 Day Advanced Implant/Grafting - Module 2 (Drs Misagh Habibi & David Attia)

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